#MustToDo Things in Flores

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Another hidden heaven in Indonesia is Flores Island. Few of you might be heard about the beauty of its nature in Flores. Well-known as the land of Komodo dragons, in fact there are so many things that you can do to explore this island’s natural wonders and open-hearted people.

Here is some things that you don’t want to miss when in Flores :

1. See the komodo dragons
No trip to Flores would really be complete without seeing these massive reptiles that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. While watching Komodo dragons playing around in the islands can be so entertaining, it is important to be very careful.

2. Kelimutu lakes
The most famous tourist attraction in Flores is Mt. Kelimutu, a volcano containing three differently-colored lakes. Kelimutu lakes are unpredictable, the waters of the lakes change color on an irregular, almost whimsical, basis and can range from bright red through green and blue.

3. Explore the Pink Sand Beach
The must-see destination in Flores is the famous Pink Sand Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beach in entire world

4. Diving and Snorkeling at the famous diving spot
If you really fond of diving and snorkeling, then you must add your bucket list to have an diving experience in Flores. With the breathtaking view and beautiful underwater life, you’ll always want to come back to this amazing land.

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Wild Trip to National Park in Indonesia

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Stay away a bit from beaches or mountains. If you’re so much into nature, then you have to visit Indonesia’s national park for its best scenery and ambience. Here our 5 recommended national parks in Indonesia :

Taman nasional Gunung Leuser

Located in between North Sumatra and Aceh, Gunung Leuser is a large world heritage listed national park covering 950,000 hectare wide. This park is a home for Sumatran Orangutans. The best experience is an encounter in the jungle where there are many semi-wild and wild animals.

Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon

This national park, located in the extreme south-western tip of Java on the Sunda shelf, is the last known refuge for the critically endangered Java rhinoceros.

Taman Nasional Way Kambas

Elephant Training Centre is an interesting spot to see at Way Kambas, where you can see the trainers educate and train wild elephants, or see the elephants playing football, dancing, and many other attractions.

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Living In Treehouse

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Have you ever imagine living in a tree like your childhood dreams?
Well if you feel bored with villas or beach house, it’s the time to try something new.
These gorgeous tree house you can book for your short weekend getaway :

1. Magical treehouse at Balangan Beach Bali
Built in a teak and kapok tree grove qith a eco-resort concept in a village setting, you can comfortably enjoy the wonders of nature here. This is the best choice while you’re bored to stay in a luxurious resorts or beach view hotels in Bali.

2. Omah Kayu Paralayang, Malang
Imagine waking up to a romantic sunrise, the sounds of bird chirping, and the cool air—you can get all of these at Omah Kayu Paralayang. The best spot in these tree houses is the balcony, where you can gaze at the wonders of Mother Nature has given to us.

3. Taman Dayu Treehouse (The Pines)
Located around an hour drive from Surabaya, Taman Dayu Treehouse is a must-visit place when you go to East Java. A range of outdoor activities are available here to give you an unforgettable stay.

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Allow Yourself the Greatest Holiday in Nusa Dua Bali

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There are lots of times, that simply take our breath away, which leave most of us speechless and that memory remains with us for a long time. Your folks and you would encounter lots of these moments anytime you go visit this attractiveness of the east. Located in the Indian Ocean, The island of Bali is within the Indonesia archipelago. Bali is actually a tiny island with amazing mountain, greenery, beaches. With that said, most villas on this island specifically designed to get rid of all your stress inside your body and mind. The classy amenities and one of a kind service make a completely new definition to luxury. In addition to such fabulous getaway villas, you’ll find so many objects and spots on this gorgeous island.

To get to this island, you can easily take an airplane from almost anywhere in the world. The beautiful view of the island of Bali from above makes you look ahead to set foot at this land of luxury. You’ll be able to explore the whole length and width of Bali within just several hours, therefore, you must check out the many appealing beaches on the north and southern coastline. These should see beach destinations include places like, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Candidasa, Seminyak and Tanjung Benoa are among others of the widely known ones. Also, you should visit other lesser known beach locations since these beaches are usually not too crowded. Most of these beach locations provide you with various water activities such as snorkeling, surfing, swimming, water skiing, water parks, kite flying, banana boating, power boats and reef-fishing.

The Nusa Dua beach located on the southern tip of the island, the name stands for two islands, offers a rare treat for holiday goers. No wonder at this place you would see a heavy population of international hotels and luxury hotels. Most of the travelers who are out on holidays, seek Bali private villas. Holiday takes a whole new meaning if you stay at a private villa.

At Nusa Dua Beach, there are tons of activities for you to experience. You can take a walk on a nice white sandy beach, or go swimming with your kids since waters are shallow around this area. If you are not into water activities, you could try riding on a camel’s back, or perhaps play some golf. You can even try some tennis to stay active. After that, return to your villa for a relaxing and refreshing massage with fragrance oils at the day spa facility.

For those of you who love to try new taste, you have come to the right place. Nusa Dua offers you plenty of famous restaurants where you can fill your stomach with local and international foods. Not only that, the decor of such restaurants will sure to amaze you. The arrangements of such establishments are simply beyond words. You can even make a terrific dinner for 2 on your own exotic garden next to the swimming pool. For the latter, just get in touch with the reception and tell them what you wish to have. A personal chef helps make the concerns of taste meet your requirements. To experience all of these fineries, make sure to book ahead of time so you can get early bird offers.

Kite Flying Festival At Jal Mahal


Who Else Want to Reserve Inexpensive Accommodations in Bali & Discover Island of Fabulous

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Have a go with one thing new now. Pick Bali, which happens to be an Indonesian island, for your holiday destination. On this island, you should be able to explore the magnificent volcanic mountains, lakes, ancient temples, enchanting rice terraces and palaces, encompassed by glowing coral seas. However, first thing first, and that is booking the perfect hotel for your stay in Bali.

If you happen to be a tight budget traveler, then you should look for a discount for your accommodation. Hotels in Bali are very well loaded with modern-day amenities and first-class facilities for tourists.

You will be amazed with cities in Bali as they are rich in culture and full of awesome tourist attractions. Obviously, beaches are the major attraction that should be experienced. The more popular Bali beaches include Tulamben, Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach. Eventhough it’s fine to visit Bali at any time of the year, I would recommend you to go there during April to December.

The water based activities that you can try in Bali include surfing, sailing, fishing, and Bali Waterbom. In addition to water activities, you also can go to Bayung Gede, an unchanged pre-Javanese village, or take a hike to volcanic mountain..

The majority of Balinese embrace Hindu religion. You’ll find so many temples all over the island. Most notable, the Temple of Besakih, which is the most important Hindu temple.

The most generally talked languages in Bali are Indonesian and Balinese, while English is talked as 3rd language. One other interesting aspect of Bali is its tradition. Overflowing with art, music, dance and lots of festivals, make Bali a terrific destination for a holiday

To summarize, this island of the gods is an awesome holiday location for tourists from everywhere. With so many options regarding places to stay, tourists may possibly opt for less expensive accommodations if they don’t wish to sleep in the high class hotels. And so, I would suggest that you book ahead of time to get the best price for your accommodation.

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Kuta Beach is Total Fun

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Planning a vacation can be a lot of fun – searching through hotel room listings, amping you up regarding those exciting tours and tourist attractions you’re going to travel to. For my visit to Bali, I did not stick to this route so much. I had some spare time, absolutely no plan plus back pack, and the single thing I could find that would blend well with this mixture was the last second, one-way ticket for just a week… or perhaps two.

I found myself vacationing almost 2 weeks, and I would’ve remained for a longer time if I had not a project I requested to go back for. Bali is indeed different, fulfilling every person from the serious holiday organizers to the impulsive last-minute arrivals.

Bali can be described as a gorgeous Island in Republic of Indonesia, enclosed by beautiful beaches and loaded with the majority of the hype you’d probably discover in Asia – Kuta beach and it’s neighboring areas are notable for their busy markets, scorching night time street food, all-night beating dance clubs and a terrific holiday environment.

I started my trip at Kuta beach, famous for unbelievable sunsets and often visited by most Australian travelers that are seeking sunlight, sand, and heritage that is not way too far from their country. It’s a never-stopping multitude of activity, and perhaps not the right location in case you’re seeking tranquility and peace (Bali accommodates extremely well to such things, simply visit Ubud or Seminyak). The beachfront is full of vendors selling almost everything from a Bintang (top selling local beer) to a surfboard, and the place has an abundance of activities.

Bali does well with street market shopping – with motor scooters speeding past you and never-ending street vendors struggling it out for making some money, this isn’t for those faint hearted, yet it’s totally enjoyable.

When you go away from Kuta, there are several great places available. Have a tour out to a place called Dreamland beach – the multi-stage lounging/pool/restaurant/bar spot where you can frequently see professional surfers down in the oceans, or simply get a cocktail and appreciate the beautiful view from among the infinity swimming pools. If you want to find a quiet place, you can visit Ubud.

There are numerous tours that do business just outside of Kuta, but will gladly pick you up from your resort for the whole day – too many activities await you, be it a mountain bicycle tour, trekking up the volcano to see sunrise, or going for a tasting pursuit for the cocoa plantations and local coffee, there truly is something for everybody on this island. So what are you waiting for…visit Bali while you can!

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Bali – A Deluxe World of Relaxed Atmosphere

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Bali is really worthy of its honorary label, the Tropical isle of the Gods. Bali deluxe holidays provide the discerning traveler fascinating pure beauty, an abundant cultural origin and all extravagance of amazing first-class holiday resorts. Above all, this island paradise together with its calm individuals will offer you a peaceful getaway out from the challenges of today’s modern life. If you are seeking a location to relax as well as revitalize your thinking, body and soul, just let Bali become your oasis.

Lots of the 2 million travelers that visit Bali annually enjoy their moment in Kuta, experiencing and enjoying the top rated surf beach, shopping malls and famous party all night atmosphere. And yet, people who search even more afield just might discover a spectacular selection of beautiful attractions and good enough variety to fulfill perhaps even the most jaded preferences.

To enjoy the spotless white sand from the southern coasts any way you like, go to Nusa Dua and relish the most exceptional in Bali deluxe holiday resorts. Submit yourself to enjoy pleasure found in this haven of infinite blue skies including stunning body of water. Surrender your body to the trained fingers of your very own masseuse; float over the warm, safeguarded Indian Ocean; or perhaps delight in a specialty day spa treatment. It’s possible to have all of this and a lot more at the famous resorts in Bali. Discover your haven relaxing underneath the palm trees, or maybe with some more healthy activities such as for instance snorkeling, golf, celebrity bike tour in ubud or yoga.

People of artwork and culture may want to visit Ubud, located within the magnificent, natural green heart of Bali. During the 1930s, Ubud was actually among the most popular places for worldwide artists. Their works are now exhibited next to Javanese and Balinese pieces, both the classic and contemporary, within countless museums and galleries across the area. For art enthusiasts, make sure to visit The Agung Rai Museum of Art. The place is loaded with amazing collection of arts. In addition, you can also watch performances from Balinese classical dance and music. Spend some time to visit historical sites in ubud such as the palaces and ancient temples, or visit Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary or Elephant Safari park and get close and personal with the animals. Even if you are not into arts and animals, you can relax yourself within the beauty of green forests while enjoying the view of terraced paddy fields.

If you want an exceptional perspective from this spectacular landscape, sign up for a high-class tour using personal helicopter. You will observe most of this fairly tiny tropical island by air, even the volcanic rings of Mount Batur and Mount Agung, and come back to the given landing pad only a couple of meters from the Viceroy Bali.

The Viceroy Bali is found around the slopes of the Pentanu valley while offering tourists exceptionally designated private villas with separate swimming areas and grand views from the stunning river below. You will not be disappointed staying at this spectacular retreat which also includes one of the best holistic spas. Rejuvenate your soul by getting a customized program of meditation, relaxation and entire body fitness sessions.\

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Enthusiasts of excellent food will struggle to choose from the fantastic diners of Ubud, cover anything from French styled cooking to local style ‘warungs’ with Balinese and Indonesian dishes. After an active day, feel free to withdraw to your classy Balinese villa with individual living, sleeping and bathing pavilions and sea views from your very own plunge swimming pool.

Found yourself in Bali and uncover your own special world of peace and joy by getting a Bali deluxe holiday.

#TravelGuide: Bali for the First-Timers

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The Top Tourist Attractions in the Stunning Region of Bali

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The top getaway spot can be undoubtedly justified by the stunning isle of Bali. It’s in the Republic of Indonesia and is among the richest parts of the country due to its huge traveler attraction element that sees an increase of international tourists right into the island all through the year. It’s an ultimate getaway island. On a yearly basis, lots of travelers visit this place to discover and enjoy the haven on earth. This is the most fascinating island having an unusual sight of the glorious bounties of the natural world. The spectacular beach locations and the stunning sceneries will never fail to amaze you.

Besides the apparent beach destinations found in Bali, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the erupted volcanoes and tropical lush green surroundings. Animal enthusiasts also can embellish the tremendous wildlife existence around the island.

Upcoming are most of the popular tourist attractions of Bali:

Also referred to as Ubud Royal Palace, Puri Saren Agung which is located in Sukawati at the central Ubud crossroad, not far from the renowned Ubud art market was actually the home of the very last King of Ubud named Tjokorda Gede Agung Sukawati. In maintaining its great custom for supporting the performing arts, the palace at this point holds evening shows of classical Balinese dance as well as music within the courtyard.

Kuta Beach – Found in the southern area of Bali, Kuta happens to be an extended sandy beach. Budget friendly pubs and dance clubs make Kuta area a party hub. What’s more, it carries a monument statue made of marble and stone.

Legian Beach – It’s among the list of popular beach locations in Bali. It’s flanked with quite less volume of travelers, and the tides happen to be not high in intensity, that makes the beach the ideal spot to hang around in tranquility.

Sanur Beach – It’s the fantastic place to wander about due to the fact it’s seen as the presence of many ancient architectures in the shape of museums and temples such as the Griya Santrian Gallery, Le Mayeur Museum, Seiki Torige’s Open Space Gallery and also Darga Gallery. Also, there are the historical Blanjong Temple, Padang Galak Memorial Monument and Sekenan Temple of Serangan Island.

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Ubud – it’s the cultural hub of Bali, crafts and arts and marks the actual existence of many different museums, palaces, ancient temples and also art galleries.

Seminyak Beach – right after Ubud, a place that is known as Seminyak would be the 2nd biggest destination for art enthusiasts due to the fact that it hosts plenty of art galleries, one of which is Biasa Art Space. Other than the art galleries, you can also visit Pura Petitenget Temple, and several beaches, for instance, Petitenget Beach, Berawa Beach, Seminyak Beach, Echo Beach and Canggu Beach.

Candidasa Beach – This particular village is stuck in between the mountains in the west and Lombok Strait in the east. It happens to be known for its astonishing white soft sand beach locations. Another huge tourist attraction around here would be the Bat cave temple.

Animal parks and Bali’s zoo – Bali is as well popular for its incredible wild animals within the green of the exotic island. This tropical isle has elephant safaris, spectacular butterfly parks, Sangeh monkey forest, bird parks and an area named Negara that sports an extraordinary Bullock race.

Some other tourist sights:

Located south of Singaraja would be the cascading Gitgit waterfalls, the location near Lovina comes with the Blahmantung and Daybreak waterfall, Banjar hot springs along with The Brahmavihara Arama, which is the only Buddhist monastery in Bali. Other interesting places you might want to check would be the Taman Nasional Bali Barat. This beautiful national park is surrounded by wide-open savannah, colorful coral reefs, dense rainforest, mangrove swamps and the island of Menjangan, the widely known deer island.

So there you have it, some excellent places for you to check out the next time you visit Bali. Make sure you plan everything right before you come and visit this island of the gods. Happy holiday!

#WhereToShop: Secondhand & Vintage in Jakarta

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Enjoy Bali with The 4 Luxury Activities

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The island of Bali is usually called a tropical paradise – and you’ll understand why, with the magnificence of beaches in Bali before you. In truth, it’s easy to call it a day and put yourself over these fabulous beaches for the whole holiday at any front beach hotels or resorts, seeing the amazing ocean views with the lush jungle behind your back.

However, there’s much to try on the Island of the gods. And also for the tourist that wants a feel of luxury, Bali is certain not to let you down. Here’s a report on the 4 high-class activities in Bali – from holiday accommodation to outings, from quests of the body to quests of the soul, get it all within this single haven.

1. Exclusive Villas: have pleasure in your fantastic holiday dream. A lot more than just a ‘home far from home’, an exclusive villa beats your ordinary home. Located on the Bali beach or hidden right into the green hills, such villas usually include a whole staff and express glamorous design. You could find such private villas from actual owners, though some beach resorts also run exclusive five-star villas within their premises.

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2. Shopping and Cultural Tours: Among the most enjoyable things regarding exploring Bali would be the opportunity to go through the island’s unique and fascinating culture. As the majority of people in Bali embrace Hinduism, the island is rich in beautiful Hindu temples, like the widely known Tanah Lot, set over a cliff with sights of a beach & horizon. Go further straight into the center of Bali, Ubud, to search for art crafts and performances. Most of the resorts and villas in Bali offer shopping and cultural tours all around the island using private chauffeurs and even guides.

3. Chartered helicopter and yacht to make the journey as extraordinary as the holiday destination. Witness Bali through a unique perspective if you choose to rent a heli or boat. Discover hidden cliffs and have a picnic to many of inaccessible Bali beach when using the yacht. Uncover another area of Bali that not many ever know.

4. Rejuvenating Spa: Bali continues to be one among Asia’s top locations for spa vacations, and some of the best are usually in or close-by your beach resort. Spas are frequently set in places close to beautiful shorelines or situated within luscious forest hideaways. Whether you get to have a popular Balinese massage, a relaxing body wrap created from secret local ingredients, or perhaps various healing treatments, you’re certain to have feeling rejuvenated.

So there you have it, the 4 luxury activities that you can experience while you are in Bali. Remember to plan all your activities so you will not miss anything.

5 Must See Temples in Bali

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Bali Travel is not Just Kuta

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Kuta, by far the most reachable, vibrant and commercialised of Bali’s southern beach locations, is recognized more for parties than for sun-bathing and more for surfing than for swimming. In case you do not wish to party till dawn, Sanur or Legian come with more peaceful experiences, and also Tuban is ideal for a group adventure. When golf is what you are after, you should try Nusa Dua. However for the “genuine” Bali, you must head further than such holiday resorts.

ngurah rai airport

How to Get There

The closest international airport is located in Denpasar

transport from bali airport

Transportation from the Airport

Kuta is actually a two miles from Ngurah Rai Airport, then again traffic can usually get heavy therefore make it possible for so much slack.

If you are heading for Bali’s cultural center, Ubud or even further more like beaches in Lovina, you could take direct Perama tourist minibuses which are available from Kuta. Such traveler minibuses are often a lot more practical than making use of the packed local bemos; Perama are undoubtedly faster, much easier to get around, and the cost difference regarding the two is actually minimal.

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What You Need to Know when Visiting Bali

After you get to the hotel, you can then rent a car or motorbike to make your travel a lot easier. The cost of renting a vehicle is not that expensive when you choose local firms. Keep in mind, driving around Bali, especially on mountain roads or more crowded areas such as Kuta can be tiring. If that the case, you can then hire a driver to get the traveling job done and it doesn’t cost you a lot.


The Right Timing

Different from the majority of South East Asia, Bali experiences its dry season somewhere between May to October, although it happens to be desirable at any moment of the year. Of course, Dec and Jan are mostly favored by tourists from Australia regardless of the humidity and likelihood of a few downpours.

hotel in bali


Kuta has got the world’s 1st Hard Rock Hotel. Around the area, you can find a number of palatial accommodations that maintain gorgeous gardens made to merge usual features, mainly ‘Balinese split gateways.’ What’s more, you’ll also find lots of very simple places for backpackers.

In each and every budget range, hotels get fully booked during the high season, for example during August, July, and Christmas. During nonhigh season, more often than not, you can bargain the rates down significantly. Prices can vary significantly due to the always changing rate of exchange.



Bali is the right place for food enthusiasts. You will love the taste because most Indonesian food uses a huge variety of spices, fruits, coconut, fish, and peanuts. For vegetarians, you can try Gado-Gado, some sort of crunchy salad pour with peanut sauce. To make the food a lot tasty, you could try adding some sambal (a mix of chili and coconut) on it. Also, if you are not confident of what to order, then just get yourself rijsttafel (samples of different little dishes). Along with local dishes, most restaurants in Kuta can offer almost any other worldwide cuisine you desire and at amazingly good prices for pretty premium quality.

Travel Guidelines

Kuta is not all you get in Bali. If you travel out of Kuta, you can see a lot more temples and numerous festivals to check out. For most temple sightseeing, you will be required to wear a sarong and sash. At any time you don’t have one, feel free to rent one at every place.

bali money changer

Use caution when you use money-changers in Kuta. No, they are not aggressive. However they have a number of ploys to rip you off – this is basically giving you less amount of money than you should have. Piles of ten notes might have eight or nine, or might have a tricky combination of denominations. When questioned, they will just say that the rate has recently updated for ‘technical reasons.’ Away from Kuta, the majority of money-changers are fair and trustworthy, although rates are usually somewhat lower.

When you are there

For cultural shows, it’s tough to get over the environment of Ubud’s temples and palaces – far more attractive than watching those same dances at any Kuta hotel. Ubud also offers a pleasant range of beautiful, romantic diners, several of which are actually a part temple.

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