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Bali Travel is not Just Kuta

Kuta, by far the most reachable, vibrant and commercialised of Bali’s southern beach locations, is recognized more for parties than for sun-bathing and more for surfing than for swimming. In case you do not wish to party till dawn, Sanur or Legian come with more peaceful experiences, and also Tuban is ideal for a group adventure. When golf is what you are after, you should try Nusa Dua. However for the “genuine” Bali, you must head further than such holiday resorts.

ngurah rai airport

How to Get There

The closest international airport is located in Denpasar

transport from bali airport

Transportation from the Airport

Kuta is actually a two miles from Ngurah Rai Airport, then again traffic can usually get heavy therefore make it possible for so much slack.

If you are heading for Bali’s cultural center, Ubud or even further more like beaches in Lovina, you could take direct Perama tourist minibuses which are available from Kuta. Such traveler minibuses are often a lot more practical than making use of the packed local bemos; Perama are undoubtedly faster, much easier to get around, and the cost difference regarding the two is actually minimal.

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What You Need to Know when Visiting Bali

After you get to the hotel, you can then rent a car or motorbike to make your travel a lot easier. The cost of renting a vehicle is not that expensive when you choose local firms. Keep in mind, driving around Bali, especially on mountain roads or more crowded areas such as Kuta can be tiring. If that the case, you can then hire a driver to get the traveling job done and it doesn’t cost you a lot.


The Right Timing

Different from the majority of South East Asia, Bali experiences its dry season somewhere between May to October, although it happens to be desirable at any moment of the year. Of course, Dec and Jan are mostly favored by tourists from Australia regardless of the humidity and likelihood of a few downpours.

hotel in bali


Kuta has got the world’s 1st Hard Rock Hotel. Around the area, you can find a number of palatial accommodations that maintain gorgeous gardens made to merge usual features, mainly ‘Balinese split gateways.’ What’s more, you’ll also find lots of very simple places for backpackers.

In each and every budget range, hotels get fully booked during the high season, for example during August, July, and Christmas. During nonhigh season, more often than not, you can bargain the rates down significantly. Prices can vary significantly due to the always changing rate of exchange.



Bali is the right place for food enthusiasts. You will love the taste because most Indonesian food uses a huge variety of spices, fruits, coconut, fish, and peanuts. For vegetarians, you can try Gado-Gado, some sort of crunchy salad pour with peanut sauce. To make the food a lot tasty, you could try adding some sambal (a mix of chili and coconut) on it. Also, if you are not confident of what to order, then just get yourself rijsttafel (samples of different little dishes). Along with local dishes, most restaurants in Kuta can offer almost any other worldwide cuisine you desire and at amazingly good prices for pretty premium quality.

Travel Guidelines

Kuta is not all you get in Bali. If you travel out of Kuta, you can see a lot more temples and numerous festivals to check out. For most temple sightseeing, you will be required to wear a sarong and sash. At any time you don’t have one, feel free to rent one at every place.

bali money changer

Use caution when you use money-changers in Kuta. No, they are not aggressive. However they have a number of ploys to rip you off – this is basically giving you less amount of money than you should have. Piles of ten notes might have eight or nine, or might have a tricky combination of denominations. When questioned, they will just say that the rate has recently updated for ‘technical reasons.’ Away from Kuta, the majority of money-changers are fair and trustworthy, although rates are usually somewhat lower.

When you are there

For cultural shows, it’s tough to get over the environment of Ubud’s temples and palaces – far more attractive than watching those same dances at any Kuta hotel. Ubud also offers a pleasant range of beautiful, romantic diners, several of which are actually a part temple.

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